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Manicure Salon

Our Story

My name is Liley Villazan.

My passion has always been in teaching. While working in different cosmetology schools, I've come across one common fear among students before they graduate, and right after they graduate. Not feeling prepared for when they take their licensing exams. Although fairly similar in performance and verbiage, each school teaches state boards a little differently. I'm here to bridge that gap of confusion. With 8+ years of teaching in schools, and attending Kansas State Board Training, I want nothing more than to see students walk into their practical or theory portion confident and prepared to pass!

I think of my experience during nail school and wish I had a chance to learn more experience more during that time.  I felt like I was rush to get my hours but after I earn my hours, what do I do next? What’s the next steps?

So My dream is to open a cosmetology school, not just a school but a learning environment for both students and instructors.  A school that will show you what the next steps are. I saw gaps in the educational system in both privately own and accredited school.  I also notice a lack of support in the system. My goal is to fill those gaps and give our future nail techs the support from start to finish. My comment to my future students that I will be a role model and supportive mentor from day one through the licenses process and even after they have graduated and began their journey in the cosmetology field.  I notice the best way to make a change is to start my own school and make those changes within. Magnolia Beauty Academy goal is to provide the knowledge and skills for my students to not only earn the hours and pass a state license exam but to become the future entrepreneurs of the beauty industry.

For my instructors, Magnolia Beauty Academy will provide them the resources they need to be excellent teachers. I want to provide them with training to become Master Educators. I want to create best practices with other school across the states. Share with other schools what's working and what's not. Let's build together to change and make it better for our students. Build closer relationship with our state board, welcome them in to insure we are doing everything we can to keep our community healthy and safe. 

Our Vision

Magnolia’s Beauty Academy purpose is to be the bridge for the novice to become a professional in the beauty industry. We will prepare the future leaders and entrepreneurs of the beauty industry.

Our Mission

Magnolia’s Beauty Academy goal is to have students prepared to test and pass the state board. We help students go through the whole process from getting their license to becoming future Leaders or Entrepreneurs of the beauty industry. We will provide and guide students with resources and connections to achieve their goals in the beauty industry. Provide my staff and instructors with knowledge, experience and the opportunity to become Master Educators in the beauty industry.


Must be 17 years of age

Legible photocopy of your current US government issued photo identification

High school diploma or GED

  • Must have your high school in which they graduated from send your diploma to KBOC

  • Documents can be faxed to 785-296-3002, emailed to or mailed to Kansas Board of Cosmetology, 714 SW Jackson, Ste 100, Topeka KS 66603

Outside of the United States, must send your transcripts to or to be verified and evaluated for training equivalence

Legible photocopy of your social security card

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